hawk in greenhouse

Wildlife in the Greenhouse

March 22, 2010

I did a ton of raking here last week during those lovely warm sunny days. This is a chore that perhaps I should do more of in the fall. But, in the fall my rationalization for NOT raking is that the leaves insulate the crown of the plant from freezing temperatures, decomposing leaves help build the soil, and besides, it’s getting cold! The down side in the spring is that little critters love to hide in those leaves and sometimes wreak havoc by nibbling on the plants. URIBG is a haven for all kinds of wild life besides the mice who nibble. There are rabbits, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, moles and voles. I have seen a coyote and a red fox in the garden. On a quiet hot August day, deer will cross Flagg Road to come and eat whatever they can find (everything). There are many, many birds, robins, cardinals, sparrows and more. Hawks periodically dive in for a meal of mouse or rabbit. On one memorable occasion, a hawk flew toward the greenhouse. A smaller bird would have been stunned, but the hawk was big enough to go right through the glass. We quickly opened all the vents but were able to snap a few pictures before the hawk found it’s way out, unharmed.


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