In the Greenhouse

Happy New Year! It may be grayish outside, but the greenhouse is full of color. Where to begin? The Horticulture Club students decorated the Conservatory for their open house just before vacation started. Little lights and big lights, glass balls, garlands, and ribbons have made it quite festive. Tropical flowers and foliage add to the show. The Conservatory is open Monday through Friday from 8-4, so come and see, relax by the water fall, and take home a houseplant for your own bit of indoor color.

There are many tropical plants that will grow well and flower as houseplants, even during the winter. Those which grow under low light conditions in their natural setting are often easy to grow at home. I’ll be highlighting some of these over the next few months.      ( For REALLY low maintenance, we have cactus and succulents. Neglect is what they want, if only because most people kill their plants with kindness —too much water).

While you’re at the Greenhouse, peek into the hallway and check out the new drawings in the Hallway Gallery. They were done by students from Drawing I .  It’s great to see  the plants through someone elses’ eyes and the work is beautiful. I hope to expand the Gallery little by little — plant art is welcome!


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