It’s Never Enough

bench in snow

Hmmm…that’s assuming you like snow, which I do.  Alternative post titles I considered: ” Too Much Is Not Enough” (in favor of snow), “Too Much of a Good Thing?” (neutral), “Enough, Already!” (against), and simply, as my aunt used to say, “BASTA!” (Enough! in Italian).

Although I may be running out of things to say about snow, I can never  take enough pictures of it. Try as I might, I rarely get a shot that captures the feeling I get from seeing the snowy landscape. Everything new, everything from a different perspective. It forces us to break away from the routine, even if it’s because we have to shovel. It’s a chance to delight in a snow day, play outside or cozy up inside, and think about how the forces of Nature can still exert some control over what we do.  I love that! Whether it’s a blizzard, a mighty thunderstorm, or a heatwave, I want to enjoy it,  immerse myself in it, and remember that I’m a part of something bigger.

Last spring during the floods, I sent photos to relatives out of state. One wrote me back, saying “that’s interesting, but I don’t know what it looked like before”. So here, for the sake of compare and contrast, are some pictures to put things in perspective.

bench with doves

Garden bench June 19th, with doves.

Garden bench January 27th.

Stone wall, June 8th

Stone wall, January 12th

Stone wall, January 27th

Stage, May 10th

Stage, January 27th


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