July Heaven

day lilies anthemis globe thistle

July is hot, no doubt. Even the photos seem to radiate the heat of the day. It’s been dry, and the weeds slow down, but everything is a little droopy under the fierce sun and high humidity. I love the garden in full summer: Day Lilies, Echinacea, Bee Balm, and Black-Eyed Susies all clamoring for attention. There are cherry tomatoes from our All-America Display Garden to throw in my salad at lunch time, and the pumpkin vines seem to double in size every night. The garden is bright and hot.

lizzano cherry tomato

In contrast, the  ‘Annabelle’  Hydrangeas, in full bloom under the Kolreuteria,  look cool and delightful.  As the shadows lengthen, it’s an inviting spot for a picnic, or a nap.  The water garden calls out at this time of year, the trickling sound of the waterfall somehow bringing the temperature down.

annabelle hydrangeas


I’ll work in the sun for a while, then in the shade, that way the day passes quickly.  And if I can get to Matunuck for a swim after work, July is pretty much my idea of heaven!

black eyed susies


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