Losing My Voice

monarch on zinnia

“It pleases me to take  photographs of my garden, and it pleases my garden to make my photographs look good.”  ~Robert Brault

Oh No! It’s time to write a new post, and my beloved Canon D*SLR is in need of service.

I got the dreaded Error99 message. I looked this up and followed all the suggested home remedies: Turn the camera off, then on. Take out the battery, recharge, and re-install. Try a new memory card. Clean the contact points on the lens and on the camera body.  Try a different lens. Etc., etc. No luck.  So off it goes for repair, and I am lost without it.

In one discussion thread on the Err99 topic, someone said “I feel like I am blind without my camera. ” For me it’s the opposite….I see everything, or even more than usual.  (Like seeing food everywhere when you’re hungry!) When I take a picture in the garden, I get ideas for the blog. When I download the pictures and begin to really look at them,  the words start to come together. Of course, it’s not always that straightforward, but the idea of writing without a picture is  intimidating!

“…words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone. ”      William Albert Allard

I love to read good garden writing, and I know that good writers can transport me to that garden, let me see it, smell it, feel it, understand it, all without pictures.  These writers inspire me, but I don’t have the patience they have, and I love the immediacy of a photo. I guess the words explain the subtleties and context of the photo for me, instead of the photo illustrating the words. Without the picture, I’m not sure if I have anything to say! The picture is the anchor of the story.

So just for fun, here are a few pictures, without words,  that didn’t make it onto the blog or the website (cels.uri.edu/uribg) or the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/URIBotanicalGardens).

white lily

bee on lavender


And for anyone with a Canon, here is a link to an on-going  discussion of Err99 with some very helpful suggestions:


“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson



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