A New Look

bench in conservatoryLast Friday, Mike and Ryan gave me a huge head start on getting the Horridge Conservatory put back together after our renovations. I came to work Monday morning and was delighted to see what they had done. The plants are pleasingly displayed in their pots around the greenhouse. The ground is raked out and debris was removed. A bit of cocoa hull mulch was put down (more would be good). Flat stepping stones were put to good use in two new paths as well as creating a stable base for the benches.

chinese fan palmA word about the benches: These are three little cast iron benches, painted white, with Victorian-looking scroll-work. Each one is different. They were upstairs and must have been beastly to carry down! As a student, many years ago, I worked in the Plant Chemistry lab for Dr. Hull.*  Every once in a while, I’d be invited to have a cup of coffee  with Dr. Hull and Dr. Shaw. We’d troop upstairs and sit on the little white benches where a couple of graduate students would join us, and talk about plants, research, and URI basketball. It’s a fond memory and seeing those benches in the Conservatory makes me smile.

*Twist of Fate: I work out of the SAME room now…hmmm…

bench detailbench detailbench detailThere’s more work to be done in the Conservatory, rearranging plants, replacing labels, bringing more plants back in from their scattered temporary homes. The Desert is being laid out, as well as the Food and Economic Crops display.  CJ is redesigning the Carnivorous Plants/Bog Garden. The Conservatory is bright and beautiful, a welcome respite from the cold grey winter. Stop by and enjoy a little time with the plants. Thanks to the boys for their help!

dwarf papaya


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