Color, Part Two

canna lily

Of course, as soon as I say “Hazy, Hot and Humid”, the weather changes again…It’s cold (mid-fifties) and raining. So, here’s a bit of color from inside the greenhouses.

gerbera daisy

salviasenna flower

Saturday evening, despite clouds and mist, a good time was had by all. The tent in the Botanical Gardens was quite festive and the event went off without a hitch –at least, not a hitch I know about !

large tent in garden


6 thoughts on “Color, Part Two

  1. mohdaswad

    Hi and welcome. Thanks for liking my work and becoming one of my followers! I enjoyed getting lost in your work. Good luck and I look forward to checking on your site to find out what is new

  2. usinglight

    Today you are my Sunday inspiration đŸ˜€
    As it is 30° Celsius outside (86°F) I gonna take my camera and bike to the botanical garden. Hopefully I will see some blossoms with insects… Let’s see what the topic of my post will be.


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