I Can’t Stand Long Goodbyes

Titan Arum wilting

But that’s what you get with a Titan Arum. Audrey began to wilt a little bit by the afternoon of September 2nd. The next morning, she was standing tall again but the edge of the spathe remained slightly wilted. Visitors to the greenhouse both days were thrilled however, to see our beautiful, rare,  and fleeting blossom. Pictures of the crowds are being held hostage by a corrupted memory card in my camera, but I hope to liberate them soon!

Over the next week or two, Audrey will further close and wilt, until the prehistoric-looking flower is just a memory.  When the stalk is completely dead, it gets cut it back. The corm will be repotted into the biggest pot I can find, and then go through it’s dormant period in a dry place (not the greenhouse). About 6 months from now, we’ll expect to see a “spike” — most likely a leaf — pushing up through the soil, and the pot will be returned to the greenhouse to go through the next part of it’s life cycle.

Here’s a link to the time lapse video made by Randy Stevenson of URI New Media. It highlights the two days of Audrey’s bloom. I love the part where the sun comes up and shines in through the greenhouse. Thanks Randy!



open titan arum

Photo courtesy of Lisa Tewksbury


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Long Goodbyes

  1. JasmineKyleSings

    OMG Gabrielle I can’t believe how lucky you are to have seen this flower! I AM SUPER JEALOUS!!! I always dreamed of having a gardening party and watch one of these guys bloom! (Like the Dennis The Menas Movie) Congrats!!!


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