Tiny Predators

praying mantis egg case

Praying Mantis egg case with newly hatched mantid.

Jamie’s Praying Mantids hatched ahead of schedule and she released some from their rearing container into the Horridge Conservatory.

newly hatched mantis

Beginning to leave the container.

newly hatched mantids

The mantids are very small but will grow quickly.

The mantids love to eat aphids, which are not in abundance here. They don’t go for scales or mealybugs, because they hunt insects which are moving. So we put them on a plant where I had seen some thrips — thrips are really fast.

newly hatched mantids

Off to look for food.

Check out this post from the Archives,¬† “Insect Dreams” , for pictures and some fun facts about the Praying Mantis.

newly hatched mantids


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