Field Trip

logee's greenhouseLast week we took a field trip to Logee’s Greenhouse in Danielson, Connecticut.  If you are a plant lover who lives in southern New England, Logee’s is probably a familiar name and well worth the trip! They sell fruiting, rare, tropical, and house plants. Oh, and succulents too. There are many unusual varieties and it is hard to describe how absolutely jam-packed the greenhouses are.

august 21 2013 003The family owned business has been in Danielson since 1892.  The display greenhouses are old cedar or cypress framed glasshouses. The atmosphere is warm and humid with the wonderful fragrance of jasmine filling the air. One greenhouse leads to another in a maze of dirt floors, filtered sunlight, and old stone foundations.

logees greenhouseWe managed to restrain our purchases to only a few plants but it wasn’t easy! I would love to go back in the dead of winter when the green-ness of it would be such an antidote to the grey sleeping garden. To read more about the history of the greenhouses and see their amazing plant selection (also available through mail order) the website is:

logee's greenhouselogee's greenhouse


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