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Blizzard of 2013

The Ericaceous Garden Monday morning after the blizzard. URI Botanical Gardens

The Ericaceous Garden, Monday morning after the blizzard. URI Botanical Gardens

Lots of snow, many sadly broken trees on campus as well as all over South County. White pines and arborvitae seems to have taken the worst hit.

broken trees


broken arborvitae


And around town:

tree down

White pine across road, in wires, West Kingston. (2/9/13)

tree down

And yet another… (2/9/13)

utility pole

Unstable utility pole, Dale Carlia corner, Wakefield. photo courtesy of South County Independent

The greenhouses did not lose heat or electricity! (Electricity was turned off for a few hours in order to make repairs to other lines.) At one point, it became really warm in the greenhouses when the vents couldn’t open and the heat was still going but overall we came out of the blizzard unharmed.

greenhouse in snow

Horridge Conservatory, Monday 2/11. URI Botanical Gardens

Anxiously awaiting the return of electricity (and running water) at home!

snow on branches


More Snow!

Winter Greetings from the URI Botanical Garden! The blizzard conditions didn’t leave each¬†¬† twig delicately coated like a silent snow does, but the wind sculpted the tiny flakes into something otherworldly. Drifts past my knees fall away to almost bare ground. It’s hard to tell how much snow actually fell but the rumor is 10.8 inches.

I love how a snowstorm will change the way everything looks overnight.