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We’d Rather be Outside

Yesterday, Dr. Brian Maynard’s Landscape Management and Arboriculture class had a great day of hands-on experience.¬† The students planted six very large flowering shrubs in the Botanical Gardens. The area had been shady before removing some trees to let more sunlight into the greenhouses (“Here Comes Sunshine“). We dug out the shade-loving plants to go elsewhere and were left with an open, mostly sunny space.

empty garden bed

Empty (weedy) garden bed along fire lane looking west toward Pharmacy building.

large shrubs dug and burlapped

Looking east with holes dug and plants waiting.

Seven really large shrubs — a few Viburnums, an Ilex verticillata, and an unusual plant called Cyrilla racemiflora were brought up to the Botanical Gardens from East Farm.¬† URI’s L&G helped with a bit of prep and then the fun began.

PLS 306 class

“On your mark”…Dr. Maynard explaining the logistics of moving plants weighing hundreds of pounds.


“Get set”…




After the class had planted and watered in the shrubs, they continued: half the students raked up the area, and half helped me dig peonies out of another garden. Then the peonies were planted near the outer (sunnier) edges of the bed along with Siberian irises.  When everything was watered in and cleaned up, they were kind enough to pose for a group picture.


PLS 306, October 2013

I was impressed by their hard work and how everyone pitched in — no standing around! I am really looking forward to seeing this beautiful new area bloom in the spring. Thanks, everyone.

Change is Good, continued…

greenhouse water gardenThe Horridge Conservatory¬† has a new, bigger, better, and very beautiful water garden, thanks to students of PLS 306, Landscape Management and Arboriculture.The Conservatory greenhouse has been in a state of “organized disarray” since July, when everything was pulled out for the reglazing work, including the existing water garden.

empty water gardenWith a generous donation of their time, Earth and Water Landscapes owner Joe Mack and two of his employees walked the class through the steps of installing an environmentally friendly water garden. Everybody pitched in as Joe explained the “whys” of a successful water garden — one with sparkling clear water, beautiful plants, and healthy fish.

building water gardenbuilding pond

placing river stonesfilling water gardenI’m looking forward to the rest of the Conservatory renovation, which will include not only the water garden, but a desert plant area, a tropical planting, and a large display of economically important plants, from coffee to cotton!