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Color, Part Three

rose and daylilyRecently I was flipping through a seed catalog (a favorite activity) and something caught my eye. It was in a description of a pastel-colored flower: “offers a hint of relief from the bold colors of summer.”  Hmmm. I can’t imagine wanting relief from the bold colors of summer! They bring me joy, they make me smile every time (even orange!:-) ). The bold colors of summer are only here for a little while, really. I enjoy autumn colors but there is always that feeling of an end approaching in the fall. Winter has it’s evergreen and red, with black and  white accents. Spring begins with pastel-colored ephemerals, which I also enjoy….the anticipation and the newness. But what are we anticipating? Summer, of course! So bring on the bold colors of summer, I will revel in them for as long as they are here.

large yellow daylilyscarlet meidiland rose

blue hydrangea

astilbe 'red sentinel'rubeckia


Cool ‘n’ Shady

evening primrose

We’ve been very busy playing catch-up at the Botanical Gardens, but now it’s looking good! Tuesday Tours have started — come any Tuesday evening at 5 PM (meet at the Gazebo) and learn all about about our beautiful plants and gardens on a guided tour with yours truly.

little circle bench

Weather update: very hot! Often on a hot day I prefer to be outside in the shade rather than inside with air-conditioning. The Botanical Gardens has lots of shady nooks with benches for those of us who use this strategy to beat the heat. I love the beach, but isn’t it better after 3 pm anyway?

shady side benchsunny side bench

white garden bench

Color, Part Two

canna lily

Of course, as soon as I say “Hazy, Hot and Humid”, the weather changes again…It’s cold (mid-fifties) and raining. So, here’s a bit of color from inside the greenhouses.

gerbera daisy

salviasenna flower

Saturday evening, despite clouds and mist, a good time was had by all. The tent in the Botanical Gardens was quite festive and the event went off without a hitch –at least, not a hitch I know about !

large tent in garden