Here Comes Sunshine

It’s a January thaw and that means time to get outside and prune, or even cut down trees. Back in August I wrote about taking down trees along the shady firelane adjacent to the greenhouses. Now it’s time for the trees behind those to be removed — this will truly improve the amount of sunlight getting into the greenhouses. Our Tree Guy/Greenhouse Manager, Nick, was kind enough to wait until I had moved the more delicate shade plants  and until the ground was frozen before he started trampling all over the garden!

cutting tree

First, cut….

January 9 2013 006

Then PULL….



Although there is a beautiful shade garden there,  I am not sorry to see the trees go. The perennials will be moved to new homes in other parts of the Garden, and the more adaptable ones may be just fine with more sun. After all, it will still be on the north/shady side of some VERY impressive Rhododendrons.  What I will miss is the tunnel effect of the trees over this little stone walkway between the firelane and the rose garden, which always looked to me like something from a fairy tale.

July 2012 046

January 9 2013 013

January 9 2013 014

Looking out across the newly opened view of the garden from the greenhouses, I think the garden appears  smaller now. Having a hidden area tucked away to discover, on the other side of the trees, made it seem like it might be much bigger. (It’s actually not very big — about 4 ½ acres.)

But in the spring…there will be the fun of putting in a new garden, or at least planting a few new things!  Maybe a Viburnum carlesii,  with delicious sweet flowers to brush by. Maybe a trellis to frame the walkway,  or some sculptural Garden Art…maybe a garden designed by a student….stay tuned!


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